• Claymar was founded  by Les Marchand and his two sons Kel and Clay. Les, Kel, and Clay are from the St Amant and Maurepas area and carry 70 years of experience in not only the steel fabrication and construction business, but all general commercial construction commonly experienced alone the South Louisiana River Region. 

  • After many years of working for other companies, the Marchands founded Claymar Construction in 2006. Their company has grown into a company that is recognized as a leader in the steel fabrication heavy construction industry.

  • The company continues to be hands on and managed by the Marchand Team.


Clay Marchand | Owner, Manager | | 225.505.1103

Kel Marchand | Owner, Manager | | 225.454.5098

Tammy Berthelot | Accounting Manager | | 225.695.2036

Bryan Eubanks | Shop Manager, Product Manager, Estimator | | 225.715.1600

Parker Willis | Field Manager, Project Manager, Estimator | | 225.413.1714

Jeff White | Project Manager, Estimator | | 225.772.7765

Trent Willis | Project Manager, Estimator | | 225.413.5777

Blake Johnston | Estimator | | 225.695.2036

Keith Pinion | IT Manager | | 225.313.7994

​Dusty Aydell | Project Manager, Estimator |​ | 225.445.4525

Tyler Smith | Quality Control Manager | | 225.695.2036

Jay Sanders | Safety Manager | | 601.320.1109


  • From its modest beginnings in 2006, Claymar has grown conservatively over the years into a multi million dollar sales company

  • When evaluating and determining our growth opportunities, we always analyzed two main fundamentals before making any commitments. We evaluate our finance position to be sure we maintain our foundation regarding working capital, debt to cap, and long term cash flows resulting from planned direct cost and revenues generated respectively. The second factor always taken in to serious account was our ability to employ quality people that we could count on to produce desired results here in our shop and more so out in the field. We always surveyed and canvassed the communities near where our labour is generally needed to determine our likelihood of filling our rosters adequately. 

  • We are currently comfortable with both of our fundamental gauges and in a position to continue our deliberate, conservative growth that has the backbone to operate effectively and withstand the cycles and challenges that we have known to occur over time. We are actively looking to grow our business with our existing customer base and by adding new clients as well. 




  • Power (Non-Nuclear)

  • Manufacturing

  • Nuclear Power

  • Refining/Chemical/Process

  • We welcome smaller day to day maintenance jobs, in addition to larger scheduled construction projects. 

  • Claymar does quality work at a fair price in a timely manner.

  • Claymar adjusts very well to changes when they occur during projects.

  • In the event an error of some type occurs Claymar responds very well regardless of the origin of the error.

  • In most all cases, Claymar's labor force is very skilled, hard working, courteous and communicates very well with necessary plant personnel. 



  • Air Liquide

  • Almatis

  • Cajun IDC

  • CF Industries

  • Dupont

  • Excel USA

  • Hood Container of Louisiana

  • Oxy Chem

  • Noranda Alumina

  • Performance Contractors

  • Repcon Construction

  • Saferack

  • Shell Criterion

  • Smith Tank

  • Syngenta

  • Vapor Point

  • Westlake Chemicals

  • Denka



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